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Monday, March 2, 2015

Behold the Ninja Lion Sensei Master Cobra certification.

This guy might be a Ninja Lion Sensei Master Cobra.
It has been quite a week.  My last blog post hit a bit of a nerve and there was lots of chatter about my feeling regarding faux titles.  This prompted many people on Google plus to get together and joke around about weird titles they heard and make up a few of our own.  Today E3 systems is proud to announce the “Ninja Lion Sensei Master Cobra” certification.

With our tongue firmly in our cheek, we created the Ninja Lion Sensei Master Cobra certification to recognize outrageous accomplishments of agile experience.  For example, if you have been trying to do an agile implementation and it has be obstructed by your executive team you might be a Ninja Lion Sense Master Cobra.

Please feel free to add other examples in the comments.

The hash tag is #nlsmc and we will have t-shirts at the Global Scrum Gathering in Phoenix.  I look forward to not taking ourselves too seriously in May.

Until next time.