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Monday, June 9, 2014

A Little Help from My Friends and Family.

It is nice having people look out for you.
The biggest enemy of an entrepreneur is time.  Time to get your business up and running.  Time to develop your product.  Finally, time to pivot your business to deal with a changing market place.  It is exhausting and I do not think that I could keep it up without the help and direction of my friends and family.  This week on the blog I want to discuss the unsung heroes of the entrepreneurial movement.  

Many people have this weird notion that being an entrepreneur is a lonely business where and individual eats, breathes, and sleeps his business all day long to the exclusion of everything else.  There is a kernel of truth to this as we spend countless hours building products, refining sales pitches and marketing our organization.  It can be all consuming.  This is why it is up to friends and family to step in and make sure that you are taking time out to focus on your physical and mental health.  An entrepreneur is worthless if they are not sleeping and they are even more worthless when all they can discuss is the market capitalization of their start up.

Family members remind you to get a good meal and take some time off on the weekend.  Friends offer to play cards or have a beer with you and discuss something, anything other than work.  I am deeply grateful for the help and assistance they have given me over the years.  Without them, I would be an emotional ball of putty with frayed nerves.

Until next time.