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Monday, May 21, 2012

Inventory is Not Rocket Science

No controvery just a count.
Inventory should not be controversial.  You have products to sell and the longer they sit in your warehouse the more expensive they become.  Products can also get misplaced in the warehouse and stockroom.  It is in your best interest to know exactly how much product you have at any time.
Unfortunately, servicing customers and running your business makes it hard to stay on top of inventory.  Keeping an accurate count of what you are doing takes time.  You have to keep meticulous records.  Many of the business people I run into don't bother or they rely on paper and pencil. 

I find this crazy.  Lean business practices and simple common sense make it clear that not having an accurate count of your products is a recipe for waste.  I took a look at many of the inventory packages on the market and what I discovered is that they were expensive or they were nothing more than glorified VBA applications

This spurred me to action.  I thought it was possible to make a simple to use and inexpensive tool that a small business person can use. 

Our Sully 2.0 ® took does the trick.  You can enter your product information one at a time over the web or bulk upload them using a comma separated file.  Once the items are in the system you can see in real time how much you have and where it is located.  Better yet, you can view that information with any device which has an internet connection.  Instead of looking up your inventory among reams of paperwork, you just have to glance at your mobile phone or laptop to see what you have on hand.

We even do the math for you by adding items to your count when you receive a purchase order and removing items from the count when you invoice someone.  People pay thousands of dollors for systems like this.  At E3 systems we offer this for the price of cable television. 

Inventory is not controversial and it should not be expensive either.  Contact us today and learn more about how we can help. 

Until next time.