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Monday, July 4, 2011

The Liberty of Being an Entrepreneur

The grand experiment gets another year older.
I hope that everyone has had a good Independence Day weekend.  I would think our founding fathers would be pretty impressed with the nation they created many years ago.  We are in the midst of political problems and economic challenges but I still think that we are the grand experiment of western civilization.  We are the example that other nations strive for and I look forward to the future as the 21st century becomes another American Century.  

One of the reasons for American exceptionalism is we are able to take abstract ideas and convert them into concrete solutions to problems.  The cotton gin, telegraph, telephone, electricity, transistor, and internet were American inventions which we were able to adapt to the real world.  Seven years ago, Facebook was the product of a sexually frustrated young man.  Today, I have to promote my company on his service or face bankruptcy.  America is one of the few nations where this kind of story can take place.  You don’t see many entrepreneurs coming from France or Spain.  China seems very good at undermining human rights and violating patent regulations but they still do not have the track record of innovation we have in the United States. 
I am part of that tradition.  I created a company called E3 systems.  What we provide is a means for small to medium sized trucking companies to use the internet to manage their inventory and bills of lading.  In the future, I will have features which use the Microsoft Tag Technology to track items and inventory with smart phones.  I also plan to make it possible to view truck driver log books and fuel charges in real time.  I plan to do this at a reasonable cost and over the web. 
No software to install and nothing to purchase.  You lease it over the web.  I think it is a reasonable means to address the challenges that the smaller provider faces. 
If America is going to recover from this recession, then it is going to take the efforts of Entrepreneurs to make a difference.    I think I am up to the challenge.