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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

About That New Logo

The E3 Logo
I wanted to take some time to reveal the branding of my new company.  I am like many people with a background in operations and technology; any time there is discussion of marketing it is greeted with sarcasm and ridicule.  This is understandable because we are more interested in making cool things than selling them.  However, as the time draws closer to the launch of the company, I had to start seriously thinking about what kind of image I was going to project to the public. 

I believe that the best kind of branding a company can have is its products and service to its customers.  I also know that a good company needs a logo that easily identifiable.  Facebook has a particular look and feel that gives a very different vibe from other social networking sites like Friendster.  The color of Coca Cola is red and is universally recognized. People have been poking the Pillsbury Dough Boy for decades.  If I am going to compete, then I need something to identify my company from the other software companies in the market. 
I asked a friend of mine who is a college undergraduate with aspirations of being a graphic designer to help.  After several rounds of revisions, my friend gave up and I was stuck with a bunch of half formed ideas.  This setback, made me realize that I had to take what I had to professional graphic arts firm recommended by a friend. After about three weeks of work and some revisions, we came up with the logo you see here.  I am pretty pleased with the work and think that it needs a little explanation. 

E3 represents three major traits of the firm: Excellence, Expertise, and Energy.  My company will never be a perfect company or solution for every technology problem in the trucking or logistics industry but my company is committed to excellence in everything we do; from how we answer the phone to how we provide software to your company.  In terms of expertise, as president of this company I am a software engineer with over twelve years of experience building web based solutions for small and medium sized businesses.  I also have a Master’s of Science in Management.  Combined, I have the academic and professional credentials to help you solve your technology problems.  Finally, my company is about energy.  Logistics requires energy and stamina to be competitive and my company will be able to keep pace with the demands of the industry. 

The three is a subscript because it borrows from the syntax of chemistry.  Just as O2 represents a molecule of oxygen and ammonia is NH3; E3 represents the merging of excellence, expertise and energy into a new compound which I hope will change the world.  The E is in a Serif type representing the traditions of trucking and logistics.  The three is san-serif to represent the modern 21st century world of technology.

This symbol is superimposed on an oval of the Western Hemisphere because the world of technology and globalization is moving so quickly that globe is no longer round but distorted.  My company is a global company. With the expansion of NAFTA and other free trade agreements I feel the Western Hemisphere is going to become a giant market as North and South America combine to take on China and Europe. 
So, that is my company.  It is a mixture of excellence, expertise, and energy hoping to provide answers to your software questions. E3 combines the traditions and practices of the past with the newest solutions for the future.  My goal is to become the dominant player in the Western Hemisphere for freight and logistics companies who wish to move their goods from Rio to Montreal.

You are welcome to come along for the ride, I look forward to showing you more in the next three weeks before E3 launches.