Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Don't Panic, it is my dream.

Thanks for the inspiration Douglas.
March 11st was the 61st anniversary of the birth of Douglas Adams.  Google made a big deal about the affair with a doodle on their web site and everyone had a story to tell about Adam's and his cultural impact.  I want to remember him as someone who came to his success later in life.  I also see him as a great writer and someone who could always make me laugh.

As struggle to keep my business running.  It gives me comfort that a misfit science fiction author can succeed and have cultural relevance.  I am sure that every time he heard 'Yes' in his life he heard a 1,000 no's.  If he can do it then I suppose that a lowly software developer can build a company which can help other business people be more productive. 

It is my dream and I am entitled to it.

Until next time.