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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Crazy, Junky Technology

Technology should not be like working with trash.
As an entrepreneur, I spend a great deal of my time keeping up on the latest literature.  I also spend a great deal of time coding for both my day job and for the company I have founded.  This week I have received a reprieve of sorts.  I am getting ready for my company trade show.  My experiences are further reinforcing my belief that for many businesses we are way behind the times.

You would expect during a trade show vendors would use mobile applications to manage buying and selling.  You would also expect them to use their smart phones to conduct business with the help of applications like Square.  No, I am spending the next four days loading primitive Windows CE devices to attempt to handle transactions.  Each device has to be individually updated and they do not synch with the web but instead over Wi-Fi to a proprietary database; if it sounds like madness that is because it is.

This would be so easy if the system was connected to a secure cloud based application which worked on the vendors own smart phones.  No set up time.  No primitive devices to configure and finally, a technology that the vendors know how to use because they use their smart phones all day.  I think that smart phones and other mobile devices are the key to success in this marketplace and I see too many small businesses let this trend pass them by.  Even the not so small business which I consider my day job doesn't quite seem to understand.  It is frustrating.

This is why when I founded my company I made sure that I had applications which worked on both the web and on mobile devices.  You should look into us and find out more. 

It just seems crazy that I have to spend my time supporting outdated and obsolete technology.  It is just as crazy that you do too.

Until next time.