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Monday, January 16, 2012

Why you need Sully

Meet Sully, the software to help manage you inventory
I spend a great deal of time writing code and blogging about business.  At this stage of my career, I spend my days writing software for someone else and my evening working on my company.  It is a grind but I hope that my efforts now will translate into success later.  One can only hope.

Our main product at E3 systems is called Sully®. With it you can keep track of your inventory and generate all the necessary documents to help run your business.   If you ship a lot of product we make it possible to create bills of Lading, packing slips, and invoices for your customers.  In addition, we make it possible to review that information anywhere you have a connection to the internet.  This is a big deal because most inventory systems only work when you are connected to your local network.

We make it possible for your sales force to know exactly what is in stock when they go to meet clients.  They can view that information on a smart phone or a tablet computer.  This is the beauty of a cloud based application.  You save time because you can view inventory and product information anywhere at any time.  If a customer has an inquiry you pull up the information on your smart phone.  Now you can concentrate on customer service instead of sorting through paperwork.

There is also a money saving component.  With the Sully® web application, you can track the turnover of product.  Inventory is now a breeze as we generate easily printable reports to help your pickers perform counts quickly.  You never have to scan a document again because any paper document communicates with your smart phone using Microsoft Tag Technology.  Finally, since this system is cloud based you subscribe to it like electricity or cable television.  Instead of having to purchase a server, software and a staff to maintain it, you can now allow us to manage your system for you.  This makes a huge difference and helps you concentrate on running your business instead of worrying about your inventory management software.

E3 systems offers you a product which will save you both time and money. It can be used anywhere you have a web connections.  It can be used by most types of devices weather a PC, laptop, tablet computer, or smart phone.  Finally, you can have this entire time and money savings for the cost of cable television.

If you think this is a good deal then give drop us a line via e-mail at  Myself or one of my sales people will be more than happy to help.

Until next time.