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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tags are Going to Make the World go Round.

Found a great article on the Procurement Leader’s website.  The general theme is that most ERP and Supply Chain Management systems are too complicated.  The most shocking statistic was the following snip:

“…More than 65% of respondents age 35 and younger would be at least somewhat likely to change jobs due to negative experience user their company’s enterprise software. 

In other words, bad software equals employee turnover.  We have something to correct that situation.  We have an easy to use web based interface which works over the cloud.  We have provided a way for you to look at information with your smart phone using the Microsoft Tag technology so that at any time you can view a Bill of Lading or piece of inventory. 

Go and click, you know you want to!
E3 systems wants to promote easy to use software that solves real world problems, we think that Microsoft Tags are going to make life around your loading dock easier.  Now you don’t have to type or lookup information.  Now you just scan the information and it shows up on your smart phone.  Tags can be incorporated in sales materials and are easy to use and reproduce.  The best part about tags is that they hold more information than a standard bar code so they can be hooked into web pages and other systems. 
Once you see tags in action you are going to be surprised how they will make the world of logistics go round.