Friday, April 29, 2011

Why Dirty Fingers?

Becoming an entrepreneur is an act of bravery and madness at the same time.   Please follow along as I begin my business and grow my company from a small start-up to something that will create employment for my community as well as a little extra money for me.  E3 systems is a software development firm which supports small and medium sized trucking and logistics companies.  Simply said, I want to help these companies grow and be more productive by moving their systems from bulky AS400 systems to Cloud based systems which work over web browsers and smart phones. 
I was born and raised in the trucking industry.  My father worked for various logistics companies like Sealand, Cordin Motor Freight, and most recently Versto Trucking.  I grew up around loading docks and trucks.  I witnessed how deregulation during the 1980’s changed the industry and how fluctuating fuel prices can make the difference between profit and failure.
I understand the special predicament of the dispatcher drinking a bad cup of coffee, early in the morning while trying to dispatch trucks for a difficult client. This is why I founded E3.  I want to make your life easier and help reduce paperwork.  Your challenges and successes are similar the ones my father faced and what kept his family fed. 
This blog is called “Dirty Fingers” because a company requires an entrepreneur to get involved in the frontline operations of the firm in the beginning.  An entrepreneur has to get his “hands dirty” in order for the company to succeed. I will attempt to blog about issues facing the industry, from the growth of inventory to why I use Microsoft products for my business.  I look forward to you following me and becoming my client. 
Promising to wash his hands,
Ed Wisniowski